Changing lives one download at time



Save. Read

Save music video, link, url, news.

Would YOu rather?

Play with the best would rather questions, ask and follow their statistics.

How much

make money calculator

How much money can you earn with apps, how many revenue online can you earn?



Challenge your friends in this button game, is it so simple to click buttons?

Penguin vs shark

hungry shark

Make the penguin run and avoid shark attacks.

Invaders from space

Defend the earth from space invaders in this space shooter.



Hi my name is Francesco.
I am a university student of computer science.

During free time I love to develop applications, the passion was born in the school I did, in fact I studied computer science in high school.
Development of applications of all kinds: games, utilities, tools, and release only the applications that I think may be more interesting to the public.

I hope you will find  useful or interesting what I do.

For any information or request write me an email with the form in the contact section.


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